Sunday, February 17, 2008

Creativity Class in High School

SSIA. Art is a nice class, but art springs from a heart of creativity. We all have it, but it gets systematically purged from us if we follow the scan-tron world of mainstream education. Although there are pockets of schools that foster creativity, I think most schools would do well to bring creativity in stages. One crucial step could be bringing to the fore the using one's mind, heart and hands to discover the creative pulse that we all share.

Ideas are nice (as I attempt to show), but there's a lot of creative juice stored away in other places, and it needs recognition and fostering. Perhaps a semester class that has units the way science class does. Field trips, guest speakers, and final projects (ungraded?) to showcase the creative spirit. It needs a interdisciplinary push, a way to uncover the creative in multiple fields of study. Plus, it would be "fun". We all need more of that in school, for heaven's sake.

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  1. And, damn it, why couldn't the whole school be built on that idea? Yes, I suppose, a thimble of water for a dying man is better than nothing, but I want to give that poor bastard a glass full.