Wednesday, January 9, 2008

#16: "Super Slow Day"

#16: "Super Slow Day": It's like real life, only you do everything you normally would at literally 1/2 (or slower) speed. I've done this under different biochemical circumstances but it also works without changing your body chemistry at all. The idea is to plan an entire day (it's good to plan, but you'll see that your plans may turn out strangely) where you can act/be/do at 1/2 speed. You can expand this to Super Slow Week/Month/Year/Life if you like it enough. What essentially starts to happen is that you cease to get use out of multitasking, but you do each task either quicker or better or both. For instance, since you will be walking around your house at 1/2 speed, you have twice the time to think about each next action/activity/lack thereof. That means that you'll usually waste less time on each action. Don't just ponder the idea, try a "1/2 hour at 1/2 speed" for real and see what I mean. It could literally change your life...

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